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Getting Back into the swing of it

This is going to be a good week! On Friday we were meant to go on a camp in the drainages, it was going to be awesome but instead the Craig said he had other things in mind… We all thought he had a plan to kill us all or something like that. When we arrived at camp after a hard day in the sun, Craig told us that he had a fantastic boat trip organized for us. We were all going to go down the Olifants River and spend the night out there. I was super amped just to get out for a bit, and see new things.

It turned out to be one of the highlights for me so far, being surrounded by hippos at night and getting to see Ellies come down for a drink. I could almost say priceless but it wasn’t. This will hopefully become a regular outing for the volunteers in the time to come. 

So after a weekend away, we were all quite slow on the Sunday, saying goodbye to a good friend after breakfast at 3 bridges. Kevin has been with us twice so far this year and for a grand total of 6 weeks. He is now back to California, we wish him all the best. 

Today we had to get back into the swing of things, because we were away for the weekend shopping was put on hold, so Craig and Erin went to the fantastic metropolis called hoedspruit. 

This in turn meant that I had to patrol drainages on my own, which wasn’t to bad. I managed to come across a small herd of Ellies whilst being on foot, They were quite a way away but none the less it was nice to see them. 

Francois had to polish and spit shine all the signs within the reserve, so he’s been doing that for a while and probably will be doing that for a couple more days. 

When I got back to camp the wind was blowing and we immediately started preparing for the apocalypse only to find that it was all in vein since the storm missed us completely. Though I did fix Goosies little pipe house on the tower since it was also looking like it would blow away. I’m currently doing some renovations and upgrades on her house. 

Craig is doing good, always stressed and ranting at us all, for what I’m not sure, I think he’s starting to make things up as he goes along. It’s his way to make sure that we keep on our toes and not slack off. 

This is our Hello from Paradise Camp     

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