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Full to the brim

So now I give you guys the first blog in 2 weeks! Wow, it just feels like yesterday when I last wrote anything down. Everything here seems to have fallen into a repetitive rut, wake up clean lappa area do dishes, set out breakfast, pack lunch and go out into the field to walk drainages (or check water holes, whatever.)

Though sometimes things go a little differently, this weekend the camp was FULL. We had 18 members from the Aarbog Zoo in Denmark here. The camp was alive and things were busy, we first stressed as Craig ranted at us to make things work, but we got the camp ready and things went perfectly, (kind of.)  The Zoo people as we coined them were great and loved seeing the animals which they spend so much time with, free to walk Africa. I can only imagine what that must feel like. 

We have also got 2 new volunteers in camp Alan (61 years old been living in SA since he was 21,) and Frederique, (more or less the same age as Alan and she lives in France.) They are a fantastic couple and have come here to explore the life of a conservationist in Southern Africa. All I can say is welcome and I hope you enjoy it. 

So what lies for the future? I have some schemes and plans in the works, but won’t tell you guys about it until it happens but let me tell you in 2 or three days we should be able to tell you some cool stories. 

That’s all for now, 

Feel free to write us and ask us any questions! 

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