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Paradise Camp Blog

Storm in Paradise

The Rain has come and gone. Yesterday Francois, Kevin, Erin and I went to do the water hole surveys, Craig wasn’t too sure about letting us go out since he feared that we would waste petrol whilst looking for the water holes and also anger the land owners by driving past their lodges. We managed to have a successful drive without doing any wrong and Craig was happy with that. 

Not going on game drive turned out to be a very fortunate thing since at about 19h00 there was a major cloud burst and we were all grabbing data sheets and cameras and computers trying to protect everything from the rain. Goosies little hide out was flooded and she was running around looking for cover as well. She eventually hid in the cupboards away from all the rain. We stood in the kitchen which has recently been upgraded with a tin roof and seemed to be the only dry place in Paradise camp. 

The rain has stopped for the most part with slight drizzles every now and again, we’re not sure how much rain we got last night but I’m sure it wasn’t enough. This morning Craig was stuck in his caravan again, this time he had a bull ellie outside his door. When he eventually got free he told us about the Ellie having been in the area, so we drove up and down looking for this lonely bull but to no avail. Hopefully the weather clears so we can get out on drive this evening, I need my ellie fix. Haven’t seen one in about 3 days… Holding thumbs for that.    

Elephants Return

Where to start…?  The seasons are changing here, from what we thought were heavy rains to just plain hot weather. The trees are starting to turn brown and the leaves are falling. The time for the elephants to return has begun and we find ourselves regularly caught in the middle of many a herd.

There has also been a lot of lion activity as of late and just yesterday Bwana Craig was stuck in his caravan with the young guys from the Olifants West Pride relaxing outside his door. They then proceeded to walk right past the toilets and down through to Ngala Dam. It was all quite amusing because as the pride started to move through camp the River Lodge game drive vehicle came speeding up our driveway with many a guest trying to get a better look however they just weren’t quick enough. They did manage to catch us all standing in the car park so we could direct them the right way. I don’t know if they managed to catch up with the pride in the end.

We recently finished doing our grass surveys and things look good so far. I’m meant to be logging all the data and making sense of all the scribbles on from the field work, (my hand writing is awful,) which is turning out to take longer than previously anticipated.

Borris the badger is back… I hadn’t seen him since our arrival on the 15th of December and we had just gotten ready to declare him dead when he returned. A vicious creature he is. He traumatized Goosie to no end and in the mornings she tends to be a little cautious of her surroundings. But she is doing well she managed to chase a group of baboons all the way to river lodge yesterday. Once she got there she decided it would be enjoyable to harass some foreigners for a bit so it didn’t take long before we got a very nice radio message to come fetch her. 

Today we are getting a new volunteer, Kevin Samuels is returning for a second visit so far this year. We’re all hoping he’ll enjoy his stay with us again. Wishing everyone the best Paradise camp  

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