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The project accommodation is located on a small hill, approximately two kilometers from the banks of the Olifants River. Five double chalets, of wooden construction and elevated above ground have been constructed. These can accommodate a maximum of 10 people.

A small kitchen area with LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) operated freezer and stove is available under thatched roof (open sides). There is also a ‘dining’ area with a thatched roof and open sides that provides shade and shelter from rain (when necessary).

The camp includes a game viewing deck which is elevated approximately twelve meters above the ground and allows for a safe environment for recreation in the event of close proximity of wildlife.

Ablutions are behind reed screening but does include flush toilets and showers.


Water is restricted but available. Water is pumped from a borehole which is situated several kilometers from the camp. This is transported in a water-tank trailer and then dispensed into the 5000 liter tank for the camp.

The dining area and recreation area is suitable for the seating of twelve persons under roof. The climatic conditions here do not require that the walls are closed in.

All lighting is provided by LPG and paraffin lamps only as there is no electricity.


Cellular phone reception is available in the camp. Contact is maintained with the management of the reserve by means of two-way radio. Two repeater stations have been erected to ensure coverage over the entire reserve.

Charging of cellular phones, radios, camera batteries, etc. is possible from the solar power and inverter point.

Cooking is done primarily on open fire. LPG stoves are available for times when weather or conditions do not allow, or for small items such as tea and coffee.

The 5 chalets are constructed in a circle around the recreational area and all have access to the viewing deck. Each chalet has a balcony which is shaded and allows for privacy. The elevated nature of the chalets is in order to prevent wild animals from gaining access. Volunteers and required to share their rooms – two persons per chalet. Beds and mattresses with linen are provided and small bedside tables. Each bed is fitted with a mosquito net.


Two communal ablutions facilities are situated within easy access to the chalets. The camp is open on all sides and animal movement is not limited in any way.

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