Wednesday November 3, 2010 | Transfrontier Africa | Michael Scholl

Wednesday November 3, 2010

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow I am going back to school. I should have started tuesday, but I couldn’t because the doctor told me it would be a bad idea and insisted I didn’t. She prescribed me again some antibiotics, because the dosage they gave me in South Africa wasn’t high enough. I also seem to have an autite, which is why my ears were so blocked. I still feel sick, but I have much more energy then before. There isn’t a day that I am not reminded of South Africa. I am surrounded by it all the time, and I only have good memories. When I see a picture of Goosy I don’t think about the time she terrorised me, but when she cuddled up to me. When I turn the tap, I think of how different water can be. When I hear people talk I wonder how Craig would have answered to that. It’s the small things that make me miss it.

written by Diane Danneels (International Baccalaureate IB Class of 2012 student)

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