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Sunday October 17, 2010

Dear Diary

It has been about 24 hours since we left and till now it has been awesome. Everybody gets on well together and we laugh about the silliest things like the fight between Hugo and Elena. Their fight is if you eat the mousse on drinks or drink it. They still haven’t decided which one it is, so we will see when we get back. Yesterday in the airport we had burger king for dinner and the moment after I got my order I spilled my ice tea all over the table and chairs.Typical. The people who worked there were really nice though, and helped me clean up and then they gave me a new one. After that we made our way to the plane and we went to our seats. My guitar gave me some trouble though, because I had to find a place to put it on the plane since they didn’t want to check it in, because they feared they would lose it.

After that got sorted out, I sat down between Elena and Solange. We were so happy because the plane had a list of movies that was so long we couldn’t even watch all the ones we wanted to if we had flown around the whole world twice. I finally only saw one movie, because I was so exhausted that I fell asleep the minute it was done. It was very uncomfortable, I have to admit though and when I woke up a few hours later, my back was hurting. Not long after waking up we landed in Dubai. It was morning and so we all wanted some breakfast. Some of us went to starbucks and after drinking a coffee so we would wake up, we went to explore the airport, since we had a few hours to kill. The airport in Dubai is quite interesting I find, since it doesn’t look like any airport I have seen before. The airport reminded me more of a mall then an airport and if we had taken of the duty free signs, I would have forgotten we were even in one. Finaly, it was time to go to the gate and so we got on our second plane, this time to go to Johannesburg. Right now I am sitting in the plane and I have already watched around 2 other movies, but I think I will probably sleep now, because I am to sleepy to do anything else.

We have arrived in Johannesburg! The trip went by smoothly and none of our luggages got lost. Someone came to pick us up at the airport to bring us to this castle that serves as a hotel. Solange’s dad is the one that organised this place to stay for us and I am so thankful for that, because otherwise we would only have gotten to the camping place at midnight. 

So we arrived in this beautiful castle, where no other guest was staying. The people who owned the house greeted us warmly and told us we would have dinner a few hours later and so we all took a needed shower and went down to the dining room. I have to say that I have heard stories about how the meat in Africa was good, but I have to say that even after hearing all that praise I was astonished at how amazing the lamb tasted! And it wasn’t only the lamb that tasted good, the mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables and the salad were delicious too! The biggest surprise was probably the desert though. It was a nice champagne lemon sorbet which I had never had before so the taste was a new experience for me. After the meal, we went to the living room and talked a bit. One topic to another, never ending conversation. I and Elena were the first to leave. I am a bit tired so I thought I should come back and here I am, writing in you Diary. I guess I should go to sleep, because tomorrow will be a long day.

written by Diane Danneels (International Baccalaureate IB Class of 2012 student)

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