Monday November 15, 2010 | Transfrontier Africa | Michael Scholl

Monday November 15, 2010

Dear Diary,

At the moment I am on my third antibiotics prescription. The last one didn’t seem to help either, since I am still coughing, but otherwise I am back to normal. I am in school, with all my energy. When I look back I regret not having taken more advantage of what was there, but it’s always when it is to late that you realise. Also I noticed that when I look back now, I see things from a complete different point of view then at the moment. I don’t see things the same way and I sometimes don’t understand myself when I see what I had told you ealrier dear Diary. That is what sickness does to you. It makes you see everything from a bad side.

written by Diane Danneels (International Baccalaureate IB Class of 2012 student)

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